Senior Account Executive, Media Buyer

What I do at RA: I am an account manager and a media buyer for the agency. This means I work with the media in the many markets where our clients have locations to negotiate the airtime and media presence that are necessary to carry out their initiatives. Being involved with media includes promotional planning, as well as working with our creative director on new TV and radio concepts, and production.

What I do in life: Photography, going to movies, and searching recipes and decor ideas consume a lot of my “me” time. I love to walk every night and am happiest when I’m outside. I rarely say no to a spontaneous trip — I love surprises, love getting away. I have great friends and an awesome husband who provide most of my fun! Of course being a mom is my biggest joy (and sometimes frustration) in life.

Fun Facts: I like most things the way they are — some people call it boring but I prefer to look at it as being content! I haven’t changed my husband, hometown, job, friends, or hairstyle since they were given to me. Feeling very blessed! I am a wedding freak — all things wedding fascinate me. I can’t get enough of them. I guess I am a die hard romantic.

Why I love being a part of the RA team: Sure I like the excitement of seeing what a good ad campaign can do, but let’s be honest… it’s all about the people! I love the lifelong relationships.