Graphic Designer

What I do at RA: Design! I get a project brief from another member of the team, and I make whatever I’m working on, from infographics to instagram posts, fit the brand’s current look and feel, or try something new and refreshing! I love bouncing ideas off of other people and collaborating. Two heads, or even more, really are better than one!

What I do in life: I live in Brunswick with my family and my favorite person in the whole world, my dog Zoie. I love traveling and hiking (I’m a National Parks nerd. I want to visit every park!), working on DIY and restoration projects (I’m an ex-tool rental employee. I can fix your chainsaw. Maybe.) and I still enjoy designing and learning about design as a hobby too!

Fun Facts: I visited 8 countries in 3 months by myself while completing a semester of college in Brighton, England. It was by far the scariest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done!

Why I love being a part of the RA team: This is my first official job after graduating from Cleveland State, and I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The team has been so welcoming and patient while also encouraging me to hit the ground running. Rosenberg Advertising is my perfect fit!