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Peanut butter and jelly. Wine and cheese. Carrie and Big (Sex & The City, Anyone?!). Some things are just better together. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and PPC (Paid Search) are a match made in digital marketing heaven. When done correctly, the two synergize to pack quite the punch and if you aren’t using both to their fullest potential, what the heck are you waiting for?!

More Data=More Insights=Better Strategy

What’s better than data? More data. And that’s exactly what you get when you use Paid Search and SEO simultaneously. Data should be a driver in every single decision you make in the digital world so you can never have too much of it. Use all the data you can from every tool you can think of. Google Analytics, Moz, AdWords, and Webmaster Tools just to name a few. Your strategies will be more thought-out and educated because of it.

Increased Visibility

The most obvious benefit of using both of these digital strategies is the increased visibility in the SERPs (search engine results pages). It’s no big secret that the higher you rank, the more your result gets clicked on so why not occupy more than one of those top spots where possible? The more you show up in search results, the more trust and credibility a person is likely to place in your brand and the more likely they are to convert when they get to your website. Plus, the more coverage you have the in SERPs, the less room your competitors have to steal traffic.

Strategies Inform Each Other

Paid Search can be a great tool for testing out terms and copy you want to use in your SEO campaign. You can run multiple different paid campaigns in order to test things quickly and see what terms and type of messaging is most efficiently driving visitors to your website and ultimately, converting. Once you know what that is, you can then invest the time and money into integrating this into your SEO campaign as well.

On the other hand, if a keyword is driving a lot of organic traffic to your website, chances are it will do the same when targeted with Paid Search.

Timeliness Works Together

Think of SEO as a slow cooker meal and Paid Search as a microwavable dinner (I’m hungry, okay?!). SEO is a long-term tactic that requires a solid foundation. At first it doesn’t seem like anything is happening but with time, something magical happens. Paid Search is a quick-hitting, immediate tactic that can be turned on and turned off whenever you need it to be.

They Have Each Other’s Backs

So, you have to a set daily budget for Paid Search. What happens when the budget runs out? If your website is optimized correctly, hopefully you will show up in organic results. On the flip side, what if you have a competitive search term that you simply cannot get your website to rank for organically? Paid Search for the win.  It’s a no-brainer, right?

In conclusion, yes, SEO and PPC have separate purposes, but when it comes down to it, an integrated search strategy provides stronger and more efficient digital results. It’s as simple as that.

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