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Our Favorite Things: Quarantine Edition

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April 15, 2020 | Rosenberg Advertising, The Family,

Heading into week 5 (or 100? What day is it?) of quarantine, we’ve come to really appreciate the little things. We put together a quick list of what’s been keeping us entertained, comfortable, and sane!

I’m not normally a huge video game person, but lately I’ve been so thankful that we have a Nintendo Switch! Two games in particular are helping me get through the Great Quarantine of 2020:

  • Ring Fit – This is a work out game that motivates you to do reps of different workouts as you jog through a cute little adventure world. It’s a fun way to stay active when the weather’s bad!
  • Animal Crossing – I’ve never even heard of this game but a couple weeks ago, I started seeing a lot of posts on social media about it so I thought I’d give it a try. I’ve accidentally become obsessed! You live on a cute little island and get to decorate a little house and meet goofy little creatures. But the best part is that I get to visit my friends’ islands and hang out with them since we can’t do that in real life! This game is a great way to relax and take your mind off the real world, and it has caused so much laughter with the silly things you can do with your friends, like play tambourines together (see bottom left image)! I cry-laughed for the first time in a long time while playing this with my best friend, so that’s saying something!

I can’t live without our Yogibo. We got this for Christmas about five years ago and we still love it. Every night, the four of us get together to watch The Wonder Years on Hulu. We take turns in the Yogibo. It is basically an oversized bean bag but it is surprisingly comfortable! It is pretty much my favorite part of the day and a nice way to end the day as a family watching a show we all love (The Wonder Years hold up!).


I can’t live without my electric kettle. Two pots of French press coffee in the morning, a pot of tea in the afternoon, and another in the evening. Critical item in my household.

Dave R.
I hate to rub this in because I live in Florida but I have rediscovered my bicycle! I have more miles on it the last three weeks than I had altogether my first eight years of owning this particular bike.

I downloaded a Game Boy Advanced emulator online and am currently replaying Pokemon Leaf Green!

Dave S.
Three things. . .first, Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin. This was introduced to me by my brother-in-law, Lenny, but was nowhere to be found here in Cleveland until we found it at the Rocky River Minotti’s. Very botanical, very tasty. My quarantine drink of choice. Second is Ozark Season 3 which dropped at just the right time. Third, and most importantly, my family, both the ones stuck here at home with me and the ones in other states. Everyone is holding up remarkably well given the circumstances.

My husband and I are getting a ton of use out of our crock pot! It’s so easy to throw a few ingredients together in the early afternoon and then by the evening, dinner is pretty much ready. It takes a lot of pressure off thinking about what to cook and it makes the whole house smell so amazing. Some of our favorites include chili (just top with sour cream and cheese to enjoy!) or shredded chicken for tacos, burrito bowls, or fajitas.

The Sattler family quarantine requirements include a very well-stocked bar, 7,000 walks with our dog, and every streaming service available.

I will go with my fitness bands from Amazon. I’m turning my Florida home-away-from-home gym into Planet Fitness. Also, SPF 50 for my newly bald head.

Empty peanut butter jars are my quarantine vice.

I’m loving my Amazon Echo Show lately! I’ve been cooking at home a lot more, and have it in my kitchen. It’s been super helpful because I can tell it to add or remove things from my grocery list, it can pull up and read recipes out loud when I don’t want to find them on my phone, calculate measurement conversions, and play music while I’m cooking.


My Hello Fresh meal kit delivery service has been working overtime for our family. I order multiple meals a week which has helped us (mostly) avoid needing to order things for grocery pick-up, etc. It completely takes the stress out of meal planning. I couldn’t live without it!

I drink a lot of LaCroix (Bubly, Pellegrino, etc. I’m not picky.), but with our current situation, I’m trying to put off going to the store as long as possible. I ordered a SodaStream both because that meant unlimited sparkling water (a true dream come true) and also using a lot less cans and plastic bottles, as everything with the SodaStream, including the CO2 canisters, is reusable! I will also confirm that it is good for making fun cocktails.

soda stream

What couldn’t you quarantine without?

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