Why You Need to Pay to be Seen Online and Why It’s Worth It

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We’ve said it time and time again . . . a successful marketing strategy is made up of a strategic mix of different tactics all working towards the same common goal. While traditional advertising campaigns and organic digital approaches have their place, today we’re here to discuss paid digital advertising. Whether it’s bidding on keywords in Google Adwords, sponsoring a post on Facebook or something else, in today’s digital world, it’s no longer simply an option to pay in order to be seen online; it has become a requirement.

Why pay to be seen online?

The digital landscape is more competitive than ever

Each day, more and more of your competitors enter the digital space via websites, a social presence or something else. And, some may even have a budget dedicated to ensuring their content gets seen over yours.

Social media algorithms are changing

Social media platforms have severely diminished the reach of organic brand posts over the past few years through algorithm changes. For example, Facebook’s feed used to populate in chronological order starting with the most recent posts, whereas now, posts that are most likely to receive engagement appear first. This tends to mean that your brand’s posts are less likely to be seen, and engaged with, without a budget behind them.

Targeted reach

A benefit of paid digital strategies is the ability to get extremely granular with your targeting. For example, if you want to reach 35-44-year-old males in the Cleveland area with an interest in sports only on Fridays and Saturdays, you can do that. You can essentially choose your desired customer and all but guarantee that more of that target audience sees your content or visits your website on a daily basis.

It gets your content out there quickly and effectively

If you’ve spent countless hours developing a really cool resource or tool, blog post, or something else, what’s the point if no one sees it? Unfortunately, gone are the days where you could simply post a piece of content on your website and wait for the visits to roll in. The content marketing landscape is very saturated and it’s become a harder and a longer process to get to or near the top of organic search results or social news feeds. To supplement this shift, paid search strategies can place your content in front of your intended audience, ensuring your hard work is seen.

Limited budget? That’s okay.

Whether your budget is $10/day or $10,000/day, you can see results with paid digital strategies. Of course, that success will depend on your budget to a certain extent, but in general, having any type of budget is a good place to start. A knowledgeable and experienced marketing agency will know just how to stretch that spend so that it works the hardest for you.

What can paid digital media do for you?

Whether it’s through paid search or social media advertising, paid digital strategies will ensure your content is seen by the intended audience, boost your website traffic, and attract qualified customers. If you aren’t already doing it, you could be losing out on brand awareness opportunities or even worse, new clients or sales.

Is your message being seen by the right audience? No matter your industry or your budget, we can help you get the word out there. Give us a call to learn more!

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