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Why You Should Blog No Matter Your Industry

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March 23, 2018 | In the Industry,

Retail, manufacturing, professional services . . . you name the industry, we’ve started a blog for it. A blog is oftentimes one of the first digital marketing tactics we propose to our clients and for good reason. Read on to discover why you should be blogging no matter your industry.

Blogging positions you as an industry expert

Writing thoughtful and useful content helps you establish authority in your field, building a bond of trust between you and the users who find and read your articles. While static website content may not allow you to showcase just how much in-depth knowledge you have in your industry, blog posts do.

Blogging is an opportunity to add fresh content to your website

One of the factors a search engine looks at when determining how much authority your website has is fresh content. Periodically, search engines will visit your website, scanning for new content additions and changes, and indexing those changes. By consistently adding additional information to your site, you allow for more frequent indexing. If done correctly, each blog post will incorporate new and relevant industry keywords, broadening the number of topics your website is eligible to organically rank for.

Fresh content doesn’t only look good in the eyes of search engines, though. Users will see that you have a commitment to your organization and to sharing relevant knowledge with your customers or potential customers. You’ll also be able to utilize this content for social media purposes, positioning yourself as an expert on those platforms as well.

Blogging shows personality

Maybe your blog is fun and quirky, sharing personal anecdotes from your employees. Maybe it’s strictly professional, sharing current news and statistics about your industry. Whatever the case, letting your personality and company culture shine through your blog shows the reader that your company has a unique personality. It establishes likeability and trust, making it more probable that a reader will turn to you when they have a need your business can meet.

Blogging provides long-term benefits

Blog posts remain on your website and continue to provide value long after they are published. If you’re writing about relevant topics and answering important questions that your customers and potential customers may have, posts will be found and will continue to drive organic traffic in the long-term.

Blogging offers an opportunity to speak differently about your products and services

While it’s not the primary goal of blogging, blog posts give you the opportunity to speak to and sell your products or services in a subtle way (see that call to action at the bottom of this post? A thoughtful soft sell, if we do say so ourselves!). Whether it’s linking to different product pages on your website or writing about a product or service more in-depth than your static website content allows, blog posts can educate potential customers on what your company provides in order to attract business leads and drive sales.

There is no business with a web presence that could not reap from the benefits of a blog. If you’re interested in learning more about our SEO and content marketing services, get in touch with us today!

Whether we fill the gaps in your internal marketing team or we become your entire marketing team, Rosenberg Advertising acts as a true partner every step of the way. Discover more about who we are.


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